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China, also known as the People’s Republic of China is located in the eastern part of Asia. It is the most populous country of the world with a population of more than 1.3 billion. It is a single party governed state known as the Communist Party, and the capital of the country is Beijing. As far as land area is concerned, it occupies the second position in the world. The civilization of China is also the most ancient. Today, it is the fastest growing economies of the world in terms of GDP and Purchasing Power Parity. In addition to that, it is also the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world.

MBBS Course China

One of the most popular destinations for MBBS students, China, offers MBBS in the most reputed Chinese universities. These universities offer a course in Bachelors of Medicine or MBBS in China. The demand for MBBS courses in Asian countries has been growing and students are aspiring to take admissions into the Chinese Universities to take up MBBS course. The increasing demand for MBBS courses in India and scarcity of reasonable medical colleges has resulted into many foreign universities presenting medical courses that are much admired internationally.

MBBS course China is a wise decision for aspiring doctors. China has emerged as a medical hub for foreign students. With a number of reputed universities offering MBBS course China, aspiring medical students can select a course as per their interests. These courses are rich in theoretical as well as practical trainings intended at creating extremely skilled and professional doctors.

Reasons Indian Students Choose to Study MBBS in China


China is not only the fastest growing economies of the world, but at the same time, it is the second largest economy with a GDP growth of approximate US $8.250. It is second only to United States, but it will not be long for it to occupy the leading position in terms of the economy. China is also the member of world’s largest trading organization, WTO and therefore it accounts to lots in terms of international trade.


There are many primary and secondary schools located in China. The government of China is constantly emphasizing on increasing the number of schools and colleges in the country. As a result, the basic education goals of the country have also increased. Increasing emphasis is also given on higher education with the increase of more colleges and universities. As a result, more and more people are completing higher studies in different courses from China. Check out www.studymbbsinchina.org.in for more information on medical education.

Geography And Climate

There is a great variation in the landscape of China. The eastern part is dominated by alluvial plains along the shores of East China Sea and Yellow Sea, while the southern part has mountain ranges and hills. Himalayas lies to the west, while plateaus lie in the northern part. The climate of the country is mostly dry while wet monsoons also prevail often. This in turn, leads to a huge difference in temperature during the summers and the winters. Northern winds during the winter are cold and dry while the southern winds during the summer are warm and moist.

MBBS In China

Western science-based medical education in China is among the most demanding in the world. It has developed rapidly since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The growth has been especially dramatic following the adoption of national reform and openness policies nearly 20 years ago. Western science-based medical education in China has been largely based on the models laid down at the beginning of the twentieth century. Among the earliest attempts to create a Western science-based medical education program in China was Peking Union Medical College found by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1917.

The length of MBBS in China normally lasts five or seven years. After completing basic education, the majority of graduates are expected to go directly into medical practice. The five-year program is designed to produce future practicing doctors who are not only expected to have a knowledge and understanding of the basic medical sciences and possess certain clinical skills, but are also expected to have knowledge of preventive medicine. The seven-year program, studies in the medical basic sciences and clinical practice are closely linked. The courses are spread over seven years and when successfully completed lead to both a bachelor and master degree. English-medium MBBS in China for international students normally lasts five to six years. MBBS program for international student in China aims to educate students with solid medical knowledge and standard clinical skills to the possible needs for them to serve in their home or other countries.

Why Study MBBS from China

Almost, 60% of the parents dream that their children will become doctors as it is the highly opted profession among the population. As competition is backbreaking in this field, therefore 5% of the people get admissions in MBBS. But China’s education system lifts all the worries of the international students by providing the opportunities to pursue MBBS in their colleges. It does not deprive the pockets of the parents, whereas it only takes Rs.20,00,000 and Rs.30,00,000 for the total of 5 years of MBBS. China is the second prevalent country by providing the best medical education to the students of either China or any other country. The medical universities of China are ranked in the midst of the 500 best universities around the globe. Every university in the world can provide the theoretical or bookish knowledge to the students. But, the universities of China focus on the practical knowledge of the students by providing a platform to practice the skills which a doctor need to have. By choosing China as a place to study, it becomes easy to compete with the students from anywhere.

Main Benefits :-



Chinese medical Universities are an ideal choice for students to pursue quality medical education at a very affordable cost. Tuition fee of Chinese Universities vary from INR 1.5 Lakhs – 6 Lakhs / year. Very few universities charge a tuition fee higher than INR 7 Lakhs. The living costs in China vary from region to region at INR 1.5 – 3 Lakhs / year at the maximum.

Hence the overall cost varies from INR 18 – 40 Lakhs over all.

A student can complete his MBBS in China’s top ranking universities like China Medical University in Shenyang and Dalian Medical University in Dalian within a overall cost of around 25 – 32 Lakhs. Studying in good universities like Weifang Medical University, Weifang would cost around 18 Lakhs overall.


Universities Scholarships

Most Universities in China offer scholarships for performing students at the end of each academic year, on the basis of the student’s performance. The evaluation for scholarships is based on the final examination result, ordinary academic records, daily individual performance and other extracurricular activities. Every student has the opportunity to obtain this scholarship as long as he/she has made a genuine effort in his/her studies. The number of scholarships available is quite high that more than half of the student groups receive one.

Provisional Government Scholarships

China's provincial and municipal governments also offer scholarships for international students pursuing degree and non-degree education in local universities.

Applicants should submit their applications to SMAbroad at the time of their application to the MBBS course. The respective university will review each scholarship application and then submit it to the local government for further review.

These are few provincial / municipal bodies’ scholarship programs in China that are open to international students:


Most Chinese medical universities have a single intake in the month of August / September and few have 2 intakes a year in August-September-October and February-March-April.

Applications have to be filed with SMAbroad team at least 2-4 months prior to the course start date of the universities. SMAbroad team would process the applications with suitable universities and gain admissions for the students.


China offers an “X Visa” for international students who gain an admission into any approved Chinese institution. SMAbroad team would assist the students in getting all necessary documentation for the same and coordinate with immigration authorities and universities.

Top 7 Universities, China 1s1st Year    2nd Year 3rd Year 4thYear 5th Year Grand Total
Xian Jiaotong University Rs 8,28,000 Rs 4,62,000 Rs 4,62,000 Rs 4,62,000 Rs 4,62,000 Rs 26,76,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 51400 ¥ ) (49700 ¥) (49700 ¥) (49700 ¥) (49700 ¥)
China Medical University   Rs 8,35,000 Rs 4,43,000 Rs 4,43,000 Rs 4,43,000 Rs 4,43,000 Rs 26,07,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 52100 ¥) (47600 ¥) (47600 ¥) (47600 ¥) (47600 ¥)
South East University Rs 7,85,000 Rs 3,68,000 Rs 3,68,000 Rs 3,68,000 Rs 3,68,000 Rs 22,57,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 41400 ¥) (39600 ¥) (39600 ¥) (39600 ¥) (39600 ¥)
Shandong University Rs 8,71,000 Rs 5,17,000 Rs 5,17,000 Rs 5,17,000 Rs 5,17,000 Rs 29,39,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 56000 ¥) (55600 ¥) (55600 ¥) (55600 ¥) (55600 ¥)
Nanjing Medical University Rs 8,12,000 Rs 3,76,000 Rs 3,76,000 Rs 3,76,000 Rs 3,76,000 RRs 23,16,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 44400 ¥) (40400 ¥) (40400 ¥) (40400 ¥) (40400 ¥)
Zhejiang University Rs 8,08,000 Rs 4,57,000 Rs 4,57,000 Rs 4,57,000 Rs 4,57,000 Rs 26,36,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 49200 ¥) (49200 ¥) (49200 ¥) (49200 ¥) (49200 ¥)
Zhengzhou University Rs 7,94,000 Rs 3,81,000 Rs 3,81,000 Rs 3,81,000 Rs 3,81,000 Rs 23,18,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 42300 ¥) (41000 ¥) (41000 ¥) (41000 ¥) (41000 ¥)


Medium 7 Universities,   in  1s1st Year    2nd Year 3rd Year 4thYear 5th Year Grand Total
MBBS China
China Three Gorges  Rs 6,37,000 Rs 2,77,000 Rs 2,77,000 Rs 2,77,000 Rs 2,77,000 Rs 17,45,000
University (Rs 3,50,000 + 51400 ¥ ) (29800 ¥) (29800 ¥) (29800 ¥) (29800 ¥)
Wenzhou Medical University   Rs 6,94,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 19,98,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 37000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥)
Anhui Medical University Rs 6,94,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 19,98,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 37000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥)
North Sichuan Medical Rs 7,00,000 Rs 3,28,000 Rs 3,28,000 Rs 3,28,000 Rs 3,28,000 Rs 20,12,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 37600 ¥) (35250 ¥) (35250 ¥) (35250 ¥) (35250 ¥)
Xinjiang Medical University Rs 6,93,000 Rs 3,30,000 Rs 3,30,000 Rs 3,30,000 Rs 3,30,000 RRs 20,13,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 36900 ¥) (35500 ¥) (35500 ¥) (35500 ¥) (35500 ¥)
Fujian Medical University Rs 7,41,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 3,26,000 Rs 20,45,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 36700 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥) (35000 ¥)
Ningxia Medical University Rs 6,91,000 Rs 3,33,000 Rs 3,33,000 Rs 3,33,000 Rs 3,33,000 Rs 20,23,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 36600  ¥) (35800 ¥) (35800 ¥) (35800 ¥) (35800 ¥)

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Apply To Top Medical Universities In China Through SMAbroad Today!

MBBS in China Eligibility

Eligibility to join medicine degree in China is very simple and straightforward. MBBS in China for Indian students’ eligibility also remains the same. However, the minimum aggregate marks that qualifies for application varies with few universities.

There are a few highly reputed universities in China that requires about 75% marks scored in the higher secondary examination. Candidates are shortlisted based on the marks and early receipt of application.

Marks required for MBBS in China is average. There is no need to score high percentage in the school examination to get admission.

Submission of Additional Documents

All applicants must submit the academic documents. It includes

In addition, the other necessary documents like passport copies, application forms, etc.

In addition, there are few additional documents that applicant should send to process the admission. It includes, NO Criminal Record certificate and Medical Checkup Certificates. It is mandated by China MBBS Education Institution.

These two documents were mandatory for Indian students to submit when they apply for 30 day student visa in the Chinese Embassy. However, these documents are mandatory now to be attached along with the application forms when you apply for to study MBBS in China, to any Medical University in China.

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