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About Georgia
Politically, Georgia is a European country and located at the junction of west Asia and east Europe. Geographically it shares borders with Black Sea in west and Russia in the north while turkey and Armenia are in the south of it and Azerbaijan in the south east. Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is known for its unique architectural designs and maze like cobblestone streets. Georgia’s majority region has mountainous topography. The Likhi range divides Georgia into eastern and western halves and due to this, the eastern part faces hot summers and cold winters while in the western part, the climate is more determined by the altitude.
Georgia is a member of Council of Europe, OSCE and Euro-control. It is also part of EU’s FTA (Free Trade Area) since 2014. Georgia came up from the brink of near failure back in 2003 and is now considered as a well functioning economy with good growth characteristics. Therefore Georgia has been labeled as world’s number one economic reformer by the World Bank.
Georgia has been maintaining good relations with its neighbors and has the membership of UNO, Council of Europe, WTO, Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Community for Democratic Choice, GUAM Organization for Democracy & Economic Development and the ADB (Asian Development Bank).

MBBS In Georgia
Georgia has achieved cent percent literacy and is also among the best destinations to study medicine in the world. The medical universities in Georgia are counted among top medical schools of world and offer best opportunities to any aspirant that wants to study MBBS in abroad.
The procedure to get admission in MBBS in Georgia’s top medical colleges is fairly easy one and the seekers need not take any entrance test also. The admission is done directly on the basis of the marks obtained in class 12th. After you complete your MBBS program in Georgia you have to pass a screening test to get license for practice. The medical colleges in Georgia offer very high quality of medicine education coupled with low cost of study as compared to other European countries. The facilities and educational infrastructure is also world class!
The medical universities in Georgia because of their world class infrastructure have been recognized by MCI (India) and WHO. Thus the medical graduates from Georgian institutions are eligible to practice in any part of the world.

Why MBBS In Georgia?
Georgia has emerged among the hot destinations for the aspirants that want to pursue MBBS in abroad. The benefits are many like –

Benefits of MBBS from Georgia
Georgia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.

Apply To Top Medical Universities In Georgia Through SM Abroad

Pursue Medical PG (MD/MS) in USA After MBBS

Today, many students in India wish to pursue medicine study in USA. However, this is quiet expensive option. But SMAbroad can provide you with online USMLE coaching and when you are in your third year of MBBS then you can appear for USMLE STEP-1 exam from Georgia itself; since the STEP-1 is an online exam! If you score more than 230 out of 308 then you are guaranteed for the PG level Residency medical program in USA (MD/MS).
We will also prepare you for the USMLE STEP-2 (CK) exam for which you can appear while you are in your sixth year of MBBS. After qualifying this, you are eligible for PG level Residency Program in USA.

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