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Medical Study In Germany
Germany is considered among world’s best destinations for MBBS in abroad. Medical universities in Germany are at par with the leading medical institutions and in India only AIIMS could be compared with them in terms of faculty and infrastructure and overall quality. Also the cost to study medicine in Germany is less compared to the tuition fees in India while the standards match with that of education offered in USA, UK, Canada and other nations. Germans are considered the leaders in medical technology and equipment and almost every MBBS college in Germany has its own network of hospitals and associated top end infrastructure.

Highlights of German Medicine Program


Why is it free to study Medicine in Germany?
The German population graph is on decline and there is shortage of skilled workforce including medicine professionals. Therefore government of Germany has allowed international students to come and study there in their language. The German government has formed three rules to attract more students and professionals to their nation. These rules are –

  1. You can work up to 20 hours per week during University duration to earn your living expenses
  2. You are given 18 months of ‘work search’ visa after the completion of degree
  3. You are allowed to pursue Masters Program free of cost!

Every year, about 5000 Indian students are flying to Germany to take advantage of this scheme.

Which University?
Most of the government Universities are covered under the above stated scheme and offer conditional admissions to the seeking students. These Universities accept 10+3 format which means that students passing 10+2 in India have to undergo additional one year pre-university program and have to pass exam of the same to become eligible.
Some of the top ranking universities which are 125+ years old like the prestigious University of Zwickau and University of Jena are covered under this scheme. We also have noted medicine study institutions in Germany that are among the best medical schools in world!

Tuition fees:
There is very low tuition fee for the MD program in the German Universities. In 2005, there was a Federal Constitutional Court ruling that overturned the traditional taboo on tuition fees! Till then, Germany was the only state that paid for tertiary education. Five Federal states in Germany then started charging tuition fees for first three trimesters; although this is low in relation to other nations.

Cost of Study (Bachelor)

                                COST OF STUDY (BACHELOR)
  Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5
Tuition Fee 385,000** 0 0 0 0
Apartment 300,000** You are allowed to work off campus for 20 Hrs/ week with an average wage of EURO 13 / Hr which is enough to take care of your living & apartment costs
Living Cost 300,000**
Others* 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
TOTAL 10,00,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000

Cost to study MS in Germany

Cost of Study MS in Germany
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
C1 Level      
Tuition Fee 4,85,000 0 0
Apartment 3,00,000 0 0
Living Cost 3,00,000 0 0
Other* 15,000 15,000 15,000
TOTAL 11,00,000 15,000 15,000

The students can work up to 20 hours a week and the average wage rate is Euro 13/hour with which a student can take care of his expenses well in Germany.
The Master’s Program in Germany like MS (Mechanical Engineering) and MS (Automobile Engineering) and others are of two years after the Bachelor level while the basic language level has to be C1.

*‘Others’ include the cost of medical insurance, resident permit extension and text books etc.

**the student has to deposit INR 6 lacs and only then Visa would be granted as per German regulations. (One Euro=72 INR)

The total cost to study Bachelor level medicine course in any top ranked German university is equal to INR 1350000. This is almost equal to that of any engineering course in India from any B or C grade institution so it is a smart decision to study medicine in Germany rather!
The student also needs to add the service charge cost of SM Abroad (the abroad education consultants) towards the heads of counseling, guidance, admission, air travel, Visa, hostel drop services etc as written in the registration form.

Getting VISA:
For students to get German Visa is not easy because their system works in a very methodical manner while conforming to all the regulations and requirements in the strictest terms. A lot of formal documentation and paper work needs to be fulfilled before presenting self for the Visa interview. Even after the interview is done, it takes around 4 – 12 weeks to get the Visa stamped on your passport. So it is always recommended that the seeker apply for the German Visa at least six months before so that everything is complete in right time frame.

Language Center:
The true success of any student studying medicine course in Germany and then engaging in practice depends on his passing the pre university exam as also the language test (TestDaf). Even for getting the German Visa, the quality of teaching in India matters a lot; and we teach you at our own center up to A2 level. The German consulate would properly assess you for the same parameter!

Admission Process (Before Departure):
In order to guarantee your seat to study in Germany, it is necessary that we time your application perfectly. This is important because the entire process takes no less than 5 – 6 months and during the same period, you will be also required to clear the A2 level for which SM Abroad will train you at its language institute.

Generally, students prefer to take up STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and Maths) when they opt to study in Germany. Indian students with PCB 10+2 score of 60% and seeking best quality with low cost can opt for these streams in Germany. The main requirement is however to learn the German language up to A2 level in India itself and then appear for the language tests towards boosting the chance of getting visa under this category. Overseas education consultants SM Abroad has its own language center and the Indian teachers train up to level A1; after which, German teachers prepare you for the level A2.

Most Popular Programs:
Students who have scored lower marks in their 10+2 academic standards can opt for the Health care Management and can get high salaried jobs in Germany. In the engineering segment, the students who cannot enter IIT, NIT or such other prestigious institutes in India can opt for German engineering programs in specializations like Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, power engineering, robotics, non conventional energy and such others that are very popular in Germany. Biochemistry, pharmacy and bio-medical sciences are also good options at the Masters level. The road map to study in Germany is as follows –

Other Information

Program Admission Procedure:
The aspirant has to make ten sets of each document (duly notarized) for the purpose of application –

More number of students in India are now thinking to undertake higher studies in Germany but actually there are fewer who get through the tough process that is mandated like for seeking visa. Apart from high quality, another attraction for students in India to study in Germany is the free cost of education; which however is not completely free and there are costs involved towards learning German language with high proficiency for better understanding of the concepts and towards better interaction like with the patients (for medicine profession).
There are diversity of higher education programs in Germany that Indian students can undertake and engineering and medical are among the most popular ones. There are large numbers of medical universities of high worth that also offer PG medical education curriculum to the international students. Thus while free medical education in Germany is a reality, in India it is a blur.
Medical education in Germany is marked by very high quality and is much practical through its unique curriculum. With such quality assured from the German medical universities, this nation is now counted among the top destinations to study medicine in Europe. Through study abroad consultants - SM Abroad, your dream of free medical education in Germany can come true for sure and you can get seat at best MBBS college in world.  

How we shall be assisting the students?

Free PG/ Medical Specialization Program in Germany

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