SM Abroad rise to being India’s leading overseas education consultant, is a story that symbolizes intellectual dedication to bring the best overseas education at the most friendly terms to the student community.

Every year, around 10,000 students from India decide to go abroad to study MBBS in various MCI approved universities in different countries such as MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Kyrgyzstan etc. That is the almost equivalent to the number of Government Medical Seats in India!

Before the student decides about MBBS abroad option, everyone thinks of the MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam as one of the barriers to decide. definitely in the absence of the coaching or constant preparation for this exam it would be a big obstacle in the dream to become a doctor. For such a large chunk of students, one needs to have a clear solution to MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam Coaching.

Pricing of FMGE Coaching Product

The FMGE Exam / MCI screening test on line coaching product is basically available for all the new students going abroad for MBBS studies or the existing students already studying abroad in countries such as China, Russia. Ukraine, Philippines, Belarus, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius etc. There were 3 types of students that we met and we had to create 3 different options for each one of them:

  Type of Student Suggested Module
1 Have already appeared FMGE Basic
2 Existing MBBS Overseas students Economical
3 Fresh students Premium


This module offered to the students consists of the most basic features such as access to Video lectures library & Mock tests. Generally, the self assessment and self motivation would be required by you in case you avail of this package. Further, the Mock Test included in this consists of the existing 15,000 question bank for all the 19 subjects. This model is suitable for the students who have already appeared for FMGE but failed to pass the MCI Screening Test. If you are currently a student joining MBBS abroad program, do not select this module.



This module offers all the features of BASIC MODULE and also has 2 very important support systems built in:

  1. 1. Support over “Whatsapp” for your queries. All your queries answered by the top quality doctor professor from India!
  2. 2. Access to the constantly up-graded Question bank including the latest MCI Screening Test papers for your Mock Test.
  3. 3. Special Tips and messages via Notifications to improvise your performance

This module has been designed and suitable for the existing MBBS students abroad who have started their overseas MBBS journey.



As a student going abroad this year and joining the 1st year of MBBS abroad in any of the countries (Except USA), it is highly recommended for you to choose the Premium Module.

  1. 1. All the features of Basic as well as Economy Module are included and topped up with PTMP Technology which is the core technology tracking your performances constantly.
  2. 2. In case you have registered for PREMIUM MODULE as a new student on your first journey for overseas MBBS, you are entitled for a FREE AIR TICKET!
  3. 3. In case you are registering with SM Abroad , you are entitled for a Medical Aptitude Test as a par the module leading to initial assessment for your suitability for MCI screening Test even before your journey for MBBS starts!
  4. 4. If you register for PREMIUM MODEL, You would be entitled for 50% discount on crash course once you return back to India!
  5. 5. Premium Module subscribers stand to get the Special SM Abroad Scholarship (Part) based on their Merit and Need.



  • All the 3 options would have the option to choose monthly EMI scheme for you to avail of the scheme.
  • You can go through a 3 days FREE trial period wherein you may experience the entire product with respect to the quality of teaching, Mock tests at various level (Topic wise / Subject wise / Grand Mock Test).
  • From Sept, 1st, you would have the access to the PTMP technology which is under testing at our end.
  • PTMP technology would be made available only for the students availing of the Premium Module.
  • The students can choose all 19 subjects or at least 3 subjects from each of the segment such as Pre-Clinical / Para Clinical / Clinical portion of the course as per MBBS in India.
  • The calculation of the pricing, EMI and further registration can be done easily. For a FRESHER, just going abroad, the sample calculation is given below:
      Model Subjects Years TOTAL
      PREMIUM Part Full Course  
    COST Rs. 3,000 19 6 162,000

    EMI scheme with 0% Interest Free Education Loan

    Down Payment Tenure under Loan EMI
    18,800 60 Months Rs. 4, 100

    The process to start your coaching is very simple!


SM Abroad is going to hold seminars in different parts of India and shall come to your city anytime, DO NOT MISS this golden opportunity to interact with our expert counsellors and get the right advice on your medical career! Click here to register for the seminar!

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Get Complete information on MBBS Abroad, MBBS in India, How to choose the university, country, Pros & Cons of different countries, PG preparation followed by a Q & A session with doubt clearance and every other possible detail regarding MBBS right up to PG! To get a glimpse of the previous webinars, Click on MBBS Abroad till PG, MBBS in USA till PG, MBBS in Germany till PG to watch. These are the recorded versions.

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SM Abroad  has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of MBBS counsellors who have an expertise in a specific topic like MBBS in Russia, China, USA, Ukraine, Germany, etc right up to PG. You can be in touch with one of the counsellors constantly via phone calls, SMS, Whats app, Emails, etc and they shall be there to solve your doubts and help you carve the right path towards your MBBS journey!

You can call on,

  • 7004914534 for MBBS Abroad like Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, etc ( if you have a budget in the range of Rs. 15lacs and above)
  • 8789038455 for MBBS in USA right up to PG ( If you have a budget of Rs. 60-70 lac) ,PG in Germany


SM Abroad has its branch offices in 12 cities of India now so there is no need to travel all the way to the Patna Head office for a personal counselling! You can still do so if you wish though. To get to a SM Abroad office in your own city for a free personal counselling session on MBBS Abroad right up to PG in USA/ Germany.


SM Abroad  holds an Online Scholarship Test every year where in the students get the NEXT Online Coaching on a huge discount or even 100% scholarship which otherwise costs more than Rs.1, 25,000. It is a 360 marks MCQ test focused on the 12th Board exams syllabus. If a student scores 180 marks and above, he shall avail of 50% discount on the Online NEXT exam coaching and if a student scores 300 marks and above, he is eligible for 100% scholarship and shall get the coaching free of cost

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