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Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine is an independent medical education institution that was established on 7th of January, 1980.  

It is one of the oldest Caribbean medical schools that teach MBBS and prepare the candidate for further curriculum in the USA. Located in St. Lucia Islands and with more than 36 years of existence, this Caribbean medical university now carries the highest accreditation from CAAM-HP (fewer medical universities have this accreditation). The institution boasts of a high success ratio of more than 85% for the PG level Residency Program and USMLE-1 exam in the USA. Some of the attributes that define medical education at Spartan include –


Charter & Accreditation
- Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine has been chartered and licensed by the Government of St. Lucia. The institution is also accredited by the Monitoring Committee of the Government of St. Lucia to oversee that standards are in consonance with the LCME, Department of Education, US.
- The institution is also listed in the WDOMS – World Directory of Medical Schools which is published by WHO, Geneva, Switzerland.
- Spartan is also listed in IMED – International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER- ECFMG, US.
Faculty and students of Spartan have to satisfy as per the standards set by St. Lucia Medical Council through their qualification, experience, and competence towards serving properly in country’s hospitals and health centers.

Why Spartan is Recommended for Indian Students.

The aspiring students who wish to undertake medical studies in USA should first make proper assessments. There are cheap rated MBBS colleges in Caribbean with only 2% success ratio. While the highly rated ones like ROSS Medical University/AUCMED at St. Marteen and AUA at Antigua Islands (owned by Manipal University, India) charge heavy fees to the tune of INR 1.5 Crore! At Spartan, the student to teacher ratio is 20:1 as per USMLE specifications. This helps to maintain best standards and repute of the institution so that students get calls for Residency program in the US.
Presently, Spartan has 100+ Indian students that are placed by
SM ABROAD that also offers to connect you with these students and their parents to have a clear and transparent view of the MBBS program in the USA.
The Spartan team also prepares the students for USMLE-1 test thus facilitating a smooth transition to Clinical Rotation. Residency in the USA is also supported through the high match score.

Why Spartan ?

Complete your Medical education abroad in Beautiful St.Lucia

Like many best MBBS college in world, Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine offers a five year (40 months) academic program leading to MD Degree in the US. The Program is divided into trimesters.
The curriculum includes a course on Basic Sciences, Pre-clinical, bridging curriculum and Clinical Sciences. These courses cover five years while trimesters begin in January, May, and September each year (aspirant can enter in any one trimester).

To ensure best education standard, the curriculum is continuously revised by the Deans of Basic & Clinical Sciences along with faculty members, Board of Trustees and consultants.

The five trimesters of Basic Sciences Program is an integrated presentation as following –
Basic medical sciences include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, and Pathology
Pre clinical didactics include General Introduction to Medicine and Physical Diagnosis. Didactic lectures in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Surgery.
A bridging curriculum is introduced for integration of Basic Sciences into Clinical Sciences.
The Clinical Science Program consists of five trimesters & is meant for exposure of students to major fields of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Surgery.

The Bridging curriculum involves problem solving exercise and case studies as also introduction to clinical sciences. Students have to apply the acquired knowledge through their critical decision making techniques. They also engage in sequential process that includes –

The students of Spartan are required to showcase competencies in the basic medical sciences and only then they are permitted for the clinical rotations. Competence of students is assessed through the Comprehensive Exit Examination that is administered by the Spartan University and conducted at the end of Basic Sciences Program and subject to passing USMLE-1.
Further, no student is held eligible for graduation until the demanded academic requirements and financial obligations to the university have been fulfilled.

COST OF STUDY – MBBS in USA Fees Structure
The overall cost to study MBBS in USA is mentioned in the table given below in USD:


 IN USD First 16 Months  Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 TOTAL (USD)
Tuition Fee 17,000 18,750 12,500 21,000 21,000 90,250
Max Scholarship 6,800 7,500 5,000 0 0 19,300
Tuition Fees After Scholarship 10,200 11,250 7,500 21,000 21,000 70,950
Hostel 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 18,000
Living Cost incl. Food 2,400 2,400 2,400 2,400 2,400 12,000
Others* 1,800 1,000 4,800 4,800 4,800 17,200
TOTAL 18,000 18,250 18,300 31,800 31,800 118,150

The overall cost to study MBBS in USA is mentioned in the table given below in Rupees:

 Fees in INR First 16 Months Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 TOTAL
Tuition Fee 1,122,000 1,237,500 825,000 1,386,000 1,386,000 5,956,500
Max Scholarship 448,800 495,000 330,000 0 0 1,273,800
Tuition Fees After Scholarship 673,200 742,500 495,000 1,386,000 1,386,000 4,682,700
Hostel 237,600 237,600 237,600 237,600 237,600 1,188,000
Living Cost incl. Food 158,400 158,400 158,400 158,400 158,400 792,000
Others* 118,800 66,000 316,800 316,800 316,800 1,135,200
TOTAL 1,188,000 1,204,500 1,207,800 2,098,800 2,098,800 7,797,900

To better understand the cost break up clearly, you should know the cost per trimester. During the pre medical phase, the cost is USD 4250 (for 4 trimesters). During the Basic Sciences, the fees structure is USD 6250 (for five trimesters). The cost of clinical rotation (for 5 trimesters) is USD 10500 in USA but this could vary for India and Caribbean Island to USD 7000! You can also choose to do three trimesters in Caribbean Islands and minimum of 2 trimesters in USA.
The total tuition fees to study MD or MS in USA through Spartan University would be USD 70950 for a 5.5 years program (remember MD is the Bachelor equivalent in USA). However, there is scholarship of 40% equal to USD 19300 that is offered on the basis of merit and need. The students who apply early before the scholarship dries out can avail benefit of INR 1260000. With the private medical colleges raising their fees to average INR 13 lacs per year, the cost to study in these medical colleges is much expensive than to do MBBS in medical universities in USA. Apart from this, they also get the chance to undertake med education right up to PG level and not only bachelor program in top medical colleges in USA.

How to get the Scholarship 2019.
Spartan University offers a limited scholarship to Indian students who wish to get direct admission in MBBS in USA after 12th. The students thus can save up to INR 12.5 lacs if they apply early and are eligible for the same. The eligibility is determined as per merit and need and application can be done online at our website! The student has to ensure that the balance amount of money is available to him or there is a loan arrangement. 

Payment Schedule to Study MBBS in USA.
1. The tuition fees will have to be paid on annual basis for first three years of program.
2. In case, the student opts out of University offered hostel and fooding facilities, the payment would be on annual basis. Many students choose independent apartments on shared basis with self cooking option in which case, payments would be on trimester basis. This option reduces cost hugely!
3. During Clinical Rotation, student has the option to pay fees in 5 installments.
4. The expenses for returning to India during vacations are not included in fee and cost structure. The University recommends that students take vacation/return path through transit visa via Paris and London so as to get more stamps on passport. This helps secure B1 Visa for Clinical rotation.

Spartan University currently has affiliation with different teaching hospitals in USA for the purpose of conducting Clinical rotations for its students. These are among the best of 2 year Clerkships available to complete MBBS in USA after passing 12th in India. The teaching hospital in Phoenix, Arizona is being finalized for Clinical rotation with Visa issuance guarantee under the B1 category to ensure program completion as per the plan.

Students with low percentage in PCB stream like 60% can apply for the program of Spartan University. They get the advantage of low cost and high quality to complete MBBS in USA after 12th through scholarship option. Even the students with as low as 50% marks in PCB can apply and get admission through SM ABROAD but without scholarship option. However, it is recommended that such students better opt for MBBS in Russia or Ukraine.

Admisson Process:
The application procedure for Spartan Health & Science University has been simplified for the Indian students through SM ABROAD and aspirants can do it online; however, the timing of application should be correct. The seekers can make online application and even depart by 10th September to start MBBS in Caribbean. There is complete transparency in the online application and SM ABROAD (overseas education consultants) offers a hassle free passage for this. Just follow the below mentioned guidelines -

You will find on the left side of the screen a ‘student login’ icon. You can login through this icon to edit or update your documents.

List of Documents That Need to be Submitted :
At the time of Application:

  1. Mark sheets of 10th, 11th and 12th standards.
  2. College Application Form
  3. Identity proof like Aadhaar Card or Passport copy (if available)
  4. SM ABROAD registration Form.
  5. Digital Photograph.

After personal interview:

  1. 4 Letter of Recommendation.
  2. Statement Of Purpose  .
  3. University application & Scholarship form.
  4. Copy of Passport, if not submitted in the first phase.
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