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Trinity Medical College is situated in Caribbean and is regarded as one of the best destinations for those seeking frontline medical education. The College offers high level curriculum as per the requirements of CAAM-HP and US’s NCFMEA and thus is counted among the top medical colleges. Our graduates are practicing all over the world and particularly in US and Canada, where they have earned fame through their knowledge and skills. Through concerted efforts and quality adherence in our educational delivery system, Trinity Medical College is actively contributing to the objective of best health care for all. Our campus offers professional yet amicable learning atmosphere & clinical skills are imparted from the first term itself. The batch size is also kept small for maintaining the dynamic learning process for the students.

About Trinity Medical College
Trinity Medical College was established in the year 2008 with the objective of offering high quality medical education through curriculum that are internationally recognized and proven as the best. The College is recognized by Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), the apex regulatory agency that has been mandated to oversee and accredit the medical curriculum programs in the Caribbean region. However, CAAM-HP uses the same medical education standards and accreditation criteria as has been accepted in US through its Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). This makes Trinity Medical College a preferred destination as our graduates are eligible to do practice in US and most of the countries of the world.
Trinity Medical College has left its mark in not only Caribbean but also US and other developed countries of the world where our medical graduates have been offering front line health care services and leading in the most sophisticated specializations in different med niches. We ensure this through our holistic learning culture that is coupled with the best of amenities so that any student coming to the campus finds inspiration to emerge as the specialist.

Why choose Trinity Medical College?
Trinity Medical College finds distinction among lots of choices around the world. This is on account of some of our salient attributes that make us stand tall among the fraternity of medical colleges and universities in US, Caribbean and world. Here are the reasons for which you can choose Trinity Medical College –

Official Recognition, Approvals, and Accreditation
Trinity Medical College carries today accreditation, recognition and listings – national as well as international from multiple agencies. This makes the College the much revered choice for the aspirants of medicine career. Trinity Medical College was registered by the NAB – National Accreditation Board, Government of St. Vincent & Grenadines wef from 11th April, 2008.

With these accreditations and recognitions, our graduates are on equal footing for a MD degree in US and most of the developed countries of world.

From 2023, Students Graduating from a Non Accredited Med School in the Caribbean may not be entitled to continue his career in USA.  

United States Licensing Examinations (USMLE)
USMLE or US Medical Licensing Examination framework comprises series of tests that are aimed to assess the medical student’s ability to apply the acquired medical educational concepts, principles and theories. The ability to deliver patient centric services and skills is also on test through the examinations that are conducted in a sequence that is –

Step1 – Taken by the medical student after term 5th or 6th and should be accomplished in three attempts before entering the clerkship program
Step 2 – Tests the clinical knowledge and clinical skills; and taken in the early elective
Step 3 – This test is taken before or after completing the residency training

Trinity Medical College students are eligible to take Step1, Step2, Step3 tests under USMLE and also register for NRMP and CaRMS.

Campus in St. Vincent
Trinity Medical College campus is located in the Ratho Mill District of Kingstown which is the capital of St. Vincent & Grenadines. The campus easily connects with the Argyle International Airport and thus offers prime connectivity to all the global destinations, making it easier for international students to complete their medical curriculum at Trinity.
Downtown Kingstown is also located closely while the campus is in close proximity with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where our medical students undertake clinical training.

Our campus highlights are –

Trinity School of Medicine Faculty
The high quality medical curriculum that is adopted by Trinity medical College is delivered through its highly knowledgeable faculties which are the invaluable assets for us. Our faculty members are specialists in their niches and come from US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean and other nations of world and deliver as full time or part time members. They offer their services as medical experts and held as revered authorities in their disciplines and specializations at global level. We keep inviting guest faculties also to deliver special sessions on the emerging technologies and concepts of relevance and significance in the medical education and practice.
Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and its staff have been of direct importance to Trinity Medical College because we get complete clinical learning infrastructure cum support from it. Therefore the institution has been an invaluable partner in our medical curriculum program.

Advantage of Trinity's Five-Year Program-
Trinity Medical College has the unique distinction in the Caribbean region because of its high standards of offering education and also other principles that guide the institution in all aspects. Some of the salient features that are integral to Trinity and define its worth include-

However, the most important benefit that entails for any aspirant enrolling at 5 year medical learning program at Trinity Medical College is the ability to apply for and secure US residency rights and subsequent medical licensing rights also there. Our medical curriculum has been developed with the same framework and objective attributes like that enforced for the US medical students. This makes our students to stay at par with the US counterparts.

Why Baltimore for Clinical Clerkships?
This is where it all began.
Trinity Medical College has adopted a comprehensive and well laid ‘Clinical Clerkships Program’ for its students so that they learn the precise practical attributes and skills. Our program has led to the development of patient centric applicative aptitudes in our students and they are now serving in the top positions in US and global centers of med excellence.

The Clinical Clerkships Team

  • Dr. Paula Dessauer Wilson, MD, MPHAssociate Dean of Clinical Clerkships
  • Dr. Richard Scott, MD| Assistant Dean of Clerkships, Baltimore Region
  • Dr. Bruce Innes, MD| Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs
  • Ms. Laura Brown|Clerkship Administrator
  • Dr. Daljeet Saluja, MD|Clinical Chair, Professor of Family Medicine
  • Dr. Peter Geis, MD|Clinical Chair, Professor of Surgery
  • Dr. Majebi Mayor, MD, PC, FACOG, JD |Clinical Chair, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dr. Aliya Jones, MD|Clinical Chair, Professor of Psychiatry
  • Dr. Kinjal Sheth, MD|Clinical Chair, Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Naijla Abdur-Rahman|Clinical Chair, Professor of Pediatrics

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Trinity students attend grand rounds at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Trinity Medical College has imbibed the fundamental philosophy offered by Sir William Osler who recommended that the third and fourth year medical students should be allowed to work with the patients in a hospital so that they learn the bedside practice skills and also develop the practical perception of things and disease conditions. He executed this approach at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, US. In pursuance with this concept, Trinity Medical College has been continuing with the Clinical Clerkships Program for its students who take the Grand Rounds at Johns Hopkins! Besides, we have a wide network of hospitals that are part of our clerkships program for students.
We have special focus on the Baltimore area so as to allow our students to find the ease to cover the region well. They also get chance to reach out to the community of the physician. This eliminates the unnecessary wastage of resources, especially time of our students who can focus on their studies throughout their clerkship rotation. Our network of hospitals for securing clerkship rotations for students include the following--

Baltimore Regional Hospitals 

Baltimore Washintgon Medical Center
Like so many hospitals Trinity works with in Baltimore, the award winning BWMC has a long history of innovation and care. The 293 bed, 700-doctor teaching hospital has been serving the greater Baltimore community for fifty years. Its ED serves 104,000 patients a year, and boasts many noteworthy “centers of excellence,” namely the Aiello Breast Center, Pascal Women's Center, Center for Advanced Fetal Care, Tate Cancer Center, The Vascular Center, Joint Replacement Center, Spine and Neuroscience Center, Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, and University of Maryland centers for diabetes and endocrinology, surgery center, and cardiology.

Bon Secours Hospital
Bon Secours Hospital is the award winning flagship site of a health system that has been a part of the medical community in Baltimore for nearly 100 years. Consistently ranked a top place to work in the city, it is nationally recognized for community immunization impact and technological adoption.

Willoughby Beach Pediatrics
A private pediatrics practice run by one of our department chairs, this is a unique opportunity in medical education: a close, daily working environment with regular patients all designed to properly assess and address the medical complexities of child development.

Providence Hospital (D.C.)
Chartered in 1861 by the Lincoln Administration, Providence Health’s DC hospital is a 408 bed facility with over 500 full time medical providers serving patients on a sprawling 36 acre campus. Fifteen distinct areas of expertise, from behavioral health and primary care, to cardiology and emergent care, provide a unique and versatile environment for any medical student.

Northwest Hospital
A community hospital located in Randallstown (right outside the Baltimore Beltway), prides itself on patient engagement, surgical innovation, and an advanced emergency department means Northwest provides a significant volume and quality of care for its moderate size

Elective Tracks and Residency Success
While Trinity School of Medicine's core rotations are localized to its Baltimore program and there are local electives available, we also offer "elective tracks" in Baltimore, Chicago, and middle Georgia. Why Chicago and middle Georgia? Trinity leadership has deep connections in both locations, but we also want to adhere to the same principles that shape our core rotations: give students a place to call home to let them focus on what matters: their education.
Students are invited, as always, to select their own electives to sharpen their skills and broaden their experiences, but for those that do better in a more structured setting, we provide two other "home base" elective locations in addition to our Baltimore opportunity. These proven, focused elective tracks provide set-electives that are tailored to help guide students into specific residencies. 

Chicago Regional Hospitals

  • Hartgrove Hospital
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Presence Resurrection Medical Center
  • Swedish Covenant
  • Weiss Memorial
  • Westlake Hospital

Middle Georgia Regional Colony

  • Community Service Board of Middle Georgia
  • Houston Healthcare
  • Dodge County Hospital



Clinical Sciences | Clerkships
All the clerkships programs for the Trinity medical students are assisted by our well trained ‘on campus’ faculty members and staff from the term six through ten. During the program, the students learn to apply their knowledge and skills. Trinity offers –

The core clinical clerkships include the following modules-

The elective clerkships are taken by the medical students who wish to add greater edge to their clinical experience. They are thus assisted to develop refined understanding and make the choices for the residency.

Cost Structure of Trinity School of Medicine in USD:

Trinity School Of Medicine In USD
IN USD Premed Year Med Year-1 Med Year-2 Med Year-3 Med Year-4 TOTAL (USD)
Tuition Fee 9,825 41,375 27,850 45,825 29,950 1,54,825
Max Scholarship 0 25,400 10,500 10,650 6,500 53,050
Tuition Fees After Scholarship 9,825 15,975 17,350 35,175 23,450 1,01,775
Hostel Fees  4,740 4,740 3,160 5,400 3,600 23,440
Living Cost Incl Food  4,740 4,740 3,160 5,400 3,600 23,440
Total Cost  19,305 25,455 23,670 45,975 30,650 1,48,655

Cost Structure of Trinity School of Medicine in Rupees:

Trinity School Of Medicine In Rupees
IN USD Premed Year Med Year-1 Med Year-2 Med Year-3 Med Year-4 TOTAL (Rupee)
Tuition Fee 648,516 2,730,750 1,838,100 3,024,450 1,976,700 1,02,18,450
Max Scholarship 0 1,676,400 693,000 702,900 429,000 3,501,300
Tuition Fees After Scholarship 648,516 1,054,350 1,145,100 2,321,550 1,547,700 67,17,150
Hostel Fees 312,840 312,840 208,560 356,400 237,600 1,547,040
Living Cost Incl Food 312,840 312,840 208,560 356,400 237,600 1,547,040
Total Cost  1,274,130 1,680,030 1,562,220 3,034,350 2,022,900 9,811,230

The total tuition fees to study MD / MS in USA at Trinity School of Medicine would be USD 1,01,775 for 5 years of MD program (Bachelor level). However, there is Scholarship up to 35% (USD 53,050) being allotted to various students based on Merit and Need. Most of the students who apply early (Before the Scholarship dries out) in this university can pursue MBBS in USA with the offered scholarship (Maximum amount of Rs. 35,00,000). The total MBBS in USA fees structure reduces to almost Rs. 6717150 for 5  Years bachelor level program. This is almost equivalent to the fees of the Private medical colleges in India. The private colleges in India have raised their fee structure to almost Rs. 16 Lacs per year on average. Accordingly, the cost to study in Indian private medical colleges has become more expensive than to study MBBS in USA. The difference is the roadmap in USA is right up to PG and not limited to bachelor level!

Trinity Medical College offers scholarship to Indian students on the parameters of merit and need. Scholarship to the extent of INR 35 lacs is available if the aspirant applies within time and also qualifies the criteria of the College. The scholarship could be applied by filling the online form here through us (SM Abroad).Kindly add the cost of SM ABROAD  service charges towards Counselling, Guidance, Admission, travel services (Air Ticket + Visa + Hostel Drop) as per the Registration Form.


Students with minimum of 60% marks in PCB in their 10+2 in India can apply for the MBBS course at Trinity College. However, students with lower percentage like 50% can also apply (but without scholarship assistance).


The admission process is fairly simple and available online! Indian students can apply now through
SM ABROAD by filling the online application. However, it is suggested that they apply early so as to avoid the hassles and gain assured seat at Trinity Medical College. Aspirants fulfilling the designated criteria can depart by 10th September this year. SM Abroad provides a completely hassle-free admission to MBBS in USA for Indian students!. Just follow the instructions given below--


At the time of Application:

After personal interview:

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